New to Blogging not New to Insurance

Wanted to open my first blog with a bit about my objectives for this blog.  As a 25 year veteran of Insurance, I have been through many changes to this industry and come to this blog with experience and knowledge that will help you with your business exposure to risk and solutions that protect that risk.   I am aiming to be informative and become a resource.

My expertise is in the Senior Living/Healthcare Sector and I will share my knowledge, provoke thought, and impart information that I glean from the many sources I comb through each day so that you won’t have to.  I look forward to posting each morning an idea that may just trigger a need or open your eyes to an issue BEFORE it happens.  I welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way I can with that need through this blog and will check my comments each day for questions, responses and thoughts of others.

Let’s get started!

A quick question about reading your insurance policies each year should bring to mind the need to comb through your information and as well as the impact that language and all endorsements can have on your business.

Without knowing the particulars of your coverage, how would you know if you have gaps until the dreaded moment you need that coverage to respond?  Any time changes occur no matter how small, a quick conversation with your broker is in line to avoid that “Oh Oh” exposure left when a common risk challenges your policy language.  Your coverage can be broad, but you will get what you pay for.  Just remember to look at the definitions and endorsements that change that coverage because without knowing your endorsements you be missing a key element to your policy.